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Tech Goes Home empowers communities to access and use digital tools to overcome barriers and advance lives. We bring computers, internet, and training to those without so students can do homework, adults can find jobs and manage finances, seniors can connect with loved ones, and all can lead healthier lives.

Working in partnership with schools, healthcare providers, and community organizations, Tech Goes Home provides curated support - including access to digital devices, network connectivity, and robust training in how to utilize digital resources - to help individuals and families pursue economic mobility, support academic achievement, access critical resources, and engage with their community and loved ones. 

TGH Connect

Tech Goes Home’s programming addresses digital exclusion as an issue that is part and parcel of the many inequities that exist in our society today as a result of generations of systemic racism and social injustice, and helps ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge necessary to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the digital world.

Our Pillars

The Pillars of TGH describe the core principles at the heart of Tech Goes Home and provide a​n internal and external compass to guide our work.


TGH believes that access to the internet, devices, and digital skills training is critical to ending entrenched inequities.

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