Tech Goes Home has partnered with organizations in the cities below to replicate or run our program. Want to learn more? Simply email and we'll get back to you shortly.

Boston is where it all started in 2000 and is our current hub. TGH runs four types of programs in this education-centric area: TGH School, TGH Community, TGH Small Business, and TGH Early Childhood. In 2016, with generous support from Google and Capital One, TGH launched expansion efforts throughout Greater Boston, with a presence in Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Lynn, Malden, Medford,

Quincy, Revere and Somerville.

The innovative city of Chattanooga has created an independent nonprofit modeled after TGH. According to TGH Chattanooga,, "Utilizing the structure and curriculum of TGH, tailored to the Chattanooga/Hamilton County area, TGH CHA will offer programs for adults, school-aged children and early childhood development."

Las Cruces, known as the City of Crosses, started running TGH in 2013. Via a grant from New Mexico State and ENLACE, eight schools have been running TGH for their families. Using a custom curriculum created specifically for Las Cruces residents, hundreds of families have completed TGH thus far.

The town of Litchfield, CT is home to a non-profit called EDUCATION CONNECTION whose mission is to "promote the success of school districts and their communities." TGH, partnering with EC and Head Start, has begun running TGH Early Childhood for families in this lovely area of Connecticut.

Litchfield Connecticut

The City of New Orleans is collaborating with the Housing Authority of New Orleans, Loyola University, and a collection of local churches to pilot the TGH Community program for adults. TGH went down to visit the team in June 2016 in order to coach them on program development and delivery.